UVGSE Admissions and Application


We are currently accepting applications for the UVGSE MAT and MEd Programs.

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Should you need more information, call us at 603 678-4888 and a member of our faculty will be in touch with you.

Admissions Process and Requirements

Applicants to UVGSE fall into the following categories:

  1. 2018-2019 UVEI Teacher Interns and Principal Interns Who Seek Both Certification and an MAT or MEd: These candidates are pursuing certification as a teacher or principal in the UVEI internship programs at the same time as they will be pursuing the MAT or MEd degree.  UVGSE requires candidates to demonstrate advanced level competency in similar areas to which typical interns are seeking to demonstrate foundational level competency.

  2. 2009–2018 UVEI Graduates: These teachers have already created an electronic portfolio based on recent UVEI certification competencies, and wish to pursue a Master’s degree to enhance their skills and knowledge for professional advancement.

  3. 1999–2008 Upper Valley Teacher Institute Graduates: These individuals enrolled in UVTI after we were accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), but without having an opportunity to develop an electronic portfolio.

  4. Pre-1999 Graduates of UVTTP: These individuals received their training for certification with UVTTP before the organization became NEASC accredited. We will examine their background (e.g., what you did with your teaching license after graduating, further training and experience) to determine what, if any, updating they need to accomplish prior to enrolling in our MAT.

  5. Experienced Educators who did not attend UVEI or its predecessors.  These individuals have worked for one or more years as an effective teacher and wish to further their skills. They will need to demonstrate foundation level skill in the national teaching or leadership competencies. We start from the assumption that experienced educators who are attracted to this program already have most of these competencies, and ours is a process of developing the evidence to confirm these competencies, and to provide opportunities to update their skills in areas that have changed since their certification.

UVGSE programs have a "rolling admissions" procedure where we consider each candidate as they apply and make admissions decisions accordingly.