Tuition and Fees

Master Degree Programs (MAT and MEd) Tuition and Fees for the 2018-2019 Academic Year

At UVGSE, there are a range of pathways to degrees.  The faculty wiill work with you to determine which is the appropriate choice for you and will continue to provide personalized coaching and support as you move through your graduate-level experience.  


Teacher License (UVEI) + MA in Teaching (UVGSE) = $23,280 (36 graduate credits)

Principal License (UVEI) + MEd in School Leadership (UVGSE) = $23,280 (36 graduate credits)

MAT IInstructional Practice) for UVEI Alumni (UVGSE) = $6,600 (12 graduate credits)

MAT (Teacher Leadership) for UVEI Alumni (UVGSE) = $9,240 (20 graduate credits)

MEd (School Leadership) for UVEI Alumni (UVGSE) = $6,600 (12 graduate credits)

MAT (Teaching) for non-UVEI Alumni (UVGSE) = $9,240 (36 graduate credits)

MAT (Teacher Leadership) for non-UVEI Alumni (UVGSE) = $12,040 (44 graduate credits) 

Application Fee: