The Learning by Doing Advantage

Over the past decade, I had had the privilege of working with the Upper Valley Educators Institute‚Äôs (UVEI) administration, faculty, and students and, as a result, I have learned first-hand the impact of their philosophy:  learning by doing.  UVEI is a place where the art of teaching and leadership is learned through practice, and its programs heavily engage candidates with colleagues and mentors in real-life situations over extended periods of time.

Public education is such a rewarding profession; however, today we are experiencing excessive turnover rates among our leadership ranks.  I believe one of the primary reasons for the high turnover is the lack of proper leadership preparation at the undergraduate and graduate college levels.  UVEI is the exception in this regard:  successful candidates leave UVEI prepared and ready to assume a leadership role due to a rigorous and concerted effort to develop expertise across a broad array of necessary skills and area.

I have hired several UVEI graduates and witnessed, first-hand, their preparedness to immediately contribute to the success of my school district.  As a result, when hiring new teachers and administrators, I give high priority to UVEI graduates.

Story by Brent Kay

Brent Kay is the Superintendent of Schools at Orange Southwest Supervisory Union in Vermont.  In 2014, he was named Vermont Superintendent of the Year.