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Valley News, April 9, 2017

UVEI Executive Director, Page Tompkins, talks about proficiency-based learning in this Valley News article:

Valley News, March 15, 2016

UVEI Graduate, Laszlo Bardos (Class of 2004) and his colleague, Rachel Sanders, of Rivendell Academy, received a grant from the Rowland Foundation to coach other teachers in ways to help their students learn by giving students an opportunity to direct their own learning.  For more, see:

Valley News, March 13, 2016

Educator and charter school advocate, Susan Jamback, joined UVEI Board of Directors.

The Norwich Times, Winter/Spring 2016

Marion Cross School was named the #1 elementary school in Vermont.  Its principal is Bill Hammond, whco graduated from UVEI's Principal Internship Program in 2012. 

Valley News, February 16, 2016

James Dixon's (UVEI Teacher Class of 2004 and current Master of Arts candidate), Hartford High School's speech and debate coach, leads students to a first place win in the Vermont State Forensics Tournament.  For more, see:

Valley Business Journal, December 2015

Jennifer Hartman and Jennifer Thompson (Teacher Class of 2009) appointed to UVEI Board of Directors. For more, see:

Valley News, November 22, 2015

Page Tompkins, UVEI Executive Director, named to NH Education Standards Board.  For more, see:

Valley News, November 8, 2015

Jennifer Hartman and Jennifer Thompson (Teacher Class of 2009) appointed to UVEI Board of Directors.  For more see:

Eagle Times, October 22, 2015

Jennifer Thompson (Teacher Class of 2009):  Unity teacher named to the Board of Directors at UVEI.  For more, see:

Beacon Broadside, July 29, 2015

Rob Fried (former UVEI Executive Director), published in Beacon Broadside.  For more, see:

Eagle Times, June 23, 2015

Jennifer Thompson (Teacher Class of 2009) was featured in an article about Farm-to-School project at Unity Elementary.  For more see:

Valley News, June 16, 2015

Jason Jarvis (Teacher Class of 2008) appeared in a photo about the Vermont Adult Learning Center, where he is a teacher.

Valley News, June 16, 2015

Amanda Soule (Teacher Class of 2015) was cited in an article about Woodstock High School's winning lacrosse team.  Amanda is the team's coach.  For more, see:

Valley News, June 9, 2015

UVEI distributed certificates to eight new principals and 20 new teachers.

Valley News, June 7, 2015

Jacqueline “Jaci” Allen joins Institute’s Board.  For more, see:

NPR, May 26 2015

Kinderforest, developed by Eliza Minnucci (Teacher Class of 2009, gets national public radio attention.  For more, see

Valley News, May 23, 2015

Scott Farnsworth (Principal Class of 2009), appointed principal at Tunbridge Central School, VT. For more, see:

Valley News, April 12, 2015

UVEI's founder, Barbara Barnes, will be honored at the Vital Communities Heroes and Leaders dinner on May 7th.  For more, see:

Valley News, March 17, 2015

Valley News reporter David Corriveau wrote about a project in Franklin Burns' class at the Dothan Brook School which was influenced by Mr. Burns' participation in a UVEI Professional Development workshop on Project-Based Learning.  For more, see:  Learning That Lasts

Valley News,  February 27, 2015

Page Tompkins responded to Robert Pianta’s column in this Letter to the Editor on Page A7.

Valley News, October 14, 2014

Rick Dustin-Eichler (Principal Program Class of 2011) and his team at the Dothan Brook School were being named the K-5 "Examplar School" by the Vermont Agency of Education.  For three years in a row, Dothan Brook has won this award for its "success in creating an environment in which students treat each other better and so learn better."   Rick is the principal at the school.  For more, see:

WCAX-TV, September 19, 2014

UVEI Principal Intern, Kristine Kirkaldy was recognized for her work at Vergennes Union High School in her nomination for a national teaching award from the Nellie Mae Educational Foundation.  For more, see:

Concord Monitor, August 14, 2014

Rob Fried, UVEI former Executive Director’s article, “Four Ways to Rethink Teaching” proffered the notion that there are four qualities that lead to great teaching:  curiosity, spontaneity, empathy and flexibility.  For more, see:, May 23, 2014

James Tremblay, a 2009 graduate of UVEI’s Principal Internship Program, was named principal of Exeter High School.   At a public interview in May, Tremblay stressed the importance of individualized student learning and good communication with school administrators and the district.   His goal as principal is to ensure that no student falls through the cracks and that there is a pathway for every student to succeed.  For more, see:

Valley News, May 18, 2014

At Thetford Academy, Chris Schmidt’s  (Teacher Internship Class of 2008 and UVGSE MAT 2014) design class built a wooden pavilion as one of ten new hands-on classes that started at the school this year.  The semester-long course took a timber framing project from beginning to end, adapting math and design development skills learned in the classroom to practical application.  For more, see:

The Dartmouth, May 5, 2014

At a Dartmouth College student-organized summit on how the millennial generation can impact education and health care, UVEI’s Executive Director, Page Tompkins, participated on the panel entitled Redefining Teacher Quality and Effective Training.  “We know that teachers have a tremendous impact on young people,” remarked Tompkins.  “Great teachers are the most important element of anything in the school system, any part of it, any policy.”  For more, see:

Valley News, April 8, 2014

In an ambitious effort to blend classroom learning with building skills of independence, perseverance, communication and resilience, kindergarteners at the Ottauquechee Elementary School, along with their teacher, Eliza Minnucci (Teacher Internship Class of 2009) and Meghan Teachout (Teacher Internship Class of 2012), spend every Friday, no matter what the weather, outside in the woods near the school.  The program is designed to fit the school’s emphasis on direct observation and apply the curriculum in an authentic way.  For complete article, see:

Valley News, June 18, 2013

UVEI hires new director, Page Tompkins.  For more, see:

Valley News, February 19, 2013

Outgoing UVEI Director, Rob Fried, says that schools have learning opportunity.  For more, see: