I started my internship at UVEI at age 34. Despite a promising career in book publishing and mothering a four-year-old, I had always wanted to teach, but going back to school seemed unrealistic. When I heard about UVEI, my desire to become an educator was reignited—and the possibility that I could actually become one was within reach.

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In my role as Literacy Coordinator at the Richmond Middle School, I wear many hats, one being a literacy coach. Planning and collaborating with, observing, and providing feedback to both new and veteran teachers is a complex undertaking which I hesitated to jump into until I more fully understood the many facets of coaching. Professional development can so often be disconnected from our daily work in schools. What I found at UVEI/UVGSE was a group of professionals who gathered in the evenings or on weekends for classes which had a direct and practical connection to the work I was doing on a daily basis at Richmond Middle School (RMS). I learned how to consider, examine and articulate each phase of the coaching process. Although it took some time for me to feel comfortable with the stances of a coach and the process of working with a colleague who wants to improve their practice, my participation gave me the boost I needed to gain confidence and take the leap into instructional coaching.   

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Jim Nourse

During my ten years as principal in area schools, the UVEI graduates I hired were all exceptional, and they enjoyed a significant competitive advantage in the application process over other teachers with less than five years of experience.  UVEI graduates stand out because:

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Heidi Magario

“Can I have a calculator?” asks Dylan, “I want to see what I got.”

“What do you mean, ‘what you got?’”  I ask.

“The average.  What’s my overall grade?”

Inspired by my time at UVEI, I have spent the better part of the last year training my students to think beyond the traditional single-grade system. Though I still have students like Dylan—those who care more about the grade than the quality of the learning—he is the exception.  Most of my students say that they like the change.

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Meagan Leddy and Ted Pogacar

When Meagan Leddy arrived at Oxbow High School in August, I was beginning my twenty-sixth year teaching English and had agreed to be her mentor teacher.  To appreciate this story, you’ve got to picture Meagan.  She is a diminutive Dartmouth grad with a sweet voice and a smiling face.   Her glasses are bigger than her head. She dresses unlike any millennial I had ever encountered.  Let's call her style "throwback schoolmarm cool." 

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Below are articles chronicling the accomplishments of UVEI, its graduates and faculty.  You can also participate with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Valley News, April 9, 2017

UVEI Executive Director, Page Tompkins, talks about proficiency-based learning in this Valley News article: http://www.vnews.com/Woodstock-Middle-and-High-Schools-Try-New-Grading-System-8548745

Valley News, March 15, 2016

UVEI Graduate, Laszlo Bardos (Class of 2004) and his colleague, Rachel Sanders, of Rivendell Academy, received a grant from the Rowland Foundation to coach other teachers in ways to help their students learn by giving students an opportunity to direct their own learning.  For more, see: http://www.vnews.com/news/21514063-95/teaching-their-teachers

Valley News, March 13, 2016

Educator and charter school advocate, Susan Jamback, joined UVEI Board of Directors.

The Norwich Times, Winter/Spring 2016

Marion Cross School was named the #1 elementary school in Vermont.  Its principal is Bill Hammond, whco graduated from UVEI's Principal Internship Program in 2012. 

Valley News, February 16, 2016

James Dixon's (UVEI Teacher Class of 2004 and current Master of Arts candidate), Hartford High School's speech and debate coach, leads students to a first place win in the Vermont State Forensics Tournament.  For more, see: http://www.vnews.com/news/newsletter/21022826-95/school-notes-hartford-high-team-wins-vermont-speech-title

Valley Business Journal, December 2015

Jennifer Hartman and Jennifer Thompson (Teacher Class of 2009) appointed to UVEI Board of Directors. For more, see: http://www.vnews.com/news/schools/19197895-95/educators-institute-appoints-board-members

Valley News, November 22, 2015

Page Tompkins, UVEI Executive Director, named to NH Education Standards Board.  For more, see:  http://www.vnews.com/news/19344046-95/nonprofit-leader-appointed-to-nh-education-standards-board

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