Analysis of Student Work

The purpose of this inquiry is to advance your skills in designing, implementing and analyzing student work. Using relevant assessment data from your own classroom, you will think deeply about what students learned and did not learn, and what feedback is useful for fostering student growth. Along with a group of experienced and new educators, you will reflect on student learning, identifying what you need to do better or different to ensure that all students learn. The Foundations option offers additional exploration of the research as it informs and analyzes to improve your practice.

When: All seminars for this course are on Thursday evenings from 4:30 - 7:30.

November 1st, November 18th, November 15th

Where:  UVEI/UVGSE, 194 Dartmouth College Highway (Route 4), Lebanon, NH *

Registration Information:
375:  Inquiry into Analyzing Student Work, 2 graduate credits, $700
Optional add-on:  376:  Foundations of Analyzing Student Work, 1 graduate credit, $350 (must also enroll in #375)

* Please note:  Participation in inquiries may be done remotely upon approval.