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Graduate Study incorporating Experiential Learning and Competency Based Assessment

Our Mission:  The mission of UVGSE is to engage reflective teachers and leaders in developing their practice for the benefit of their students, colleagues, schools, and communities.

Our History: In 2011, Upper Valley Graduate School of Education (UVGSE) was launched by the Upper Valley Educators Institute (UVEI) to offer master’s degrees and open enrollment professional education as a supplement to the UVEI licensure programs.

Our Accreditation: UVGSE is approved to offer graduate degrees and credits by the New Hampshire Higher Education Commission; and is recognized as an innovative, experiential, and competency-based means of engaging in advanced study and practice.

Our Philosophy: Developed and refined over the course of our history, our program is based on two related, foundational concepts: experiential learning and competency-based assessment. Experiential learning theory maintains that learning is most effective and likely to lead to behavior change when it begins with authentic experience. We believe in the idea that the best way to improve one’s teaching and leadership is through collaborative reflection and cycles of inquiry on one’s experience. UVGSE uses competency-based assessments to ensure that candidates advance their practice by targeting the highest-leverage knowledge and skills in
teaching and leadership.