Coaching For Equity

“…student diversity is central to the learning process and… this view [must be placed] at the heart of teacher preparation. Without making such a view of learning the focal point of teacher preparation, diversity will continue to be treated as an add-on topic addressed largely through special courses or as a discrete subject examined in mainstream courses only superficially, if at all.”

– Maria Villegas & Tamara Lucas, Educating Culturally Responsive Teachers

This inquiry is designed for teacher educators who continuously put equity issues on the table: raising awareness in the minds of novice teachers, asking courageous questions, modeling self reflection on issues of equity, and modeling continuous confrontation of the complex issues of difference that are central to our schools and society. While there are no magic bullets for this work, this inquiry is designed to develop the conceptual understanding and skills to support teacher leaders in this effort. The practicum involves identifying sources of inequitable practices in the setting, observing instruction, effective coaching conversations, collaborative planning, and/or analyzing student work.  The performance assessment for the series is based on the “Instructional Leadership Performance Assessment” developed by the Reach Institute for School Leadership and the University of California, Berkeley and includes evidence of effective skills of observation of instruction, analysis of coachee equitable practice, and instructional conferencing.;  

Prerequisite: 320 Inquiry into Instructional Coaching and Mentoring and 322 Foundations of Instruction or Faculty Permission


This is a three-session inquiry, typically offered in early fall and winter. Session participation may take place remotely upon approval.

Now accepting registrations for winter 2021! Sessions will be held remotely. 

Saturday, February 27th, 9 am - 3 pm
Wednesday, March 10th, 9 am - 3 pm
Saturday, March 27th, 9 am - 3 pm


2-3 credits, $450 per credit