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Professional Education

Practical. Collaborative. Sustaining. Transformational.

What do you want to know that will improve your practice? Our professional education opportunities are designed to bring educators together for practical, collaborative, sustaining and transformational learning.

Collaborative Lesson Study Analyzing Student Work Facilitating Teacher Learning Inquiry Into Deeper Learning Project-Based Learning
Instructional Coaching and Mentoring Data-Based Curricular Leadership School Improvement and Teacher Learning Specialized Inquiry into Practice Curricular Leadership
Coaching for Equity

At the Upper Valley Graduate School of Education, we believe that professional education is most meaningful and useful when the experience leads to practice that is demonstratively better. UVGSE offers a number of opportunities for professional development leading to graduate credit.

For school teams of five or more, a discount may be applied to each participant’s tuition.

We offer learning opportunities throughout the year.



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Professional Growth Partnerships with Schools and School Districts

Let your school’s Strategic Plan, School Improvement Plan or self-identified goals guide the formation of a school-based experience. UVGSE can design a program with you that is linked to your school’s goals. Programs we have offered include:

  • Argument Writing Across Disciplines
  • Authentic Assessment of Competency-Based Instruction
  • Developing Teacher Leadership in Schools
  • Subject-Specific Pedagogy
  • Literacy: Establishing Reader’s Workshop
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Standards-Based Assessment