Project-Based Learning

The move to project-based learning design has the potential to increase engagement and application of student learning in real world circumstances.  During our time together, we will examine:

What constitutes a project-based learning approach and what are best practices in unit design?
How can we better meet the demands of 21st century learning through this approach?
How can we align and measure student learning from a well-designed unit?
How can we collaborate with colleagues to support the shift to this learning model?

When:  All seminars in this series are offered on Thursdays from 4:30 – 7:30

January 2nd, January 23rd, and February 6th 

Where:  UVEI/UVGSE, 194 Dartmouth College Highway (Route 4) , Lebanon, NH *

Registration Information:
334: Inquiry into Project-Based Learning, 2 graduate credits, $900
Optional add-on:  335: Foundations of Project-Based Learning, 1 graduate credit, $450 (must be enrolled in Inquiry into Project-Based Learning)

Please note:  Participation in inquiries may be done remotely upon approval