School Partnerships

How do we strive to lead schools in a good direction, from whatever starting point? That is the central question of school improvement, and it’s a complicated one! It is challenging work, and includes many overlapping elements, like distributed leadership; a compelling and shared vision; practice, coaching and feedback for teachers; goals focused on teaching and learning, and more.

Although there is no one right way to go about fostering continuous school improvement, school partnerships with UVGSE can be a vehicle for this work.

Our approach to school-based partnerships combines the identified needs of a school with coaching and collaborative inquiry guided by UVGSE faculty.

This personalization allows us to create a tailored experience for school leaders and faculty. Choose from any of our professional education inquiries, combine them, or ask us for something completely unique to your school setting. Participants can engage in work for graduate credits or re-licensing hours. Add one-on-one coaching for teachers and leaders, for deeper learning. Some examples include:

  • An Inquiry into Project Based Learning for credit coupled with one-on-one coaching
  • Training in Facilitation of Teacher Learning for site-based teacher leaders, and coaching with special education teachers focused on co-teaching
  • Inquiry into Instructional Coaching and Mentoring for site-based coaches paired with Lesson Study for classroom teachers.

Since 2014 we have partnered with over a dozen schools across Vermont and New Hampshire, including:

  • Troy Elementary School
  • North Country Regional High School
  • Holland Elementary School
  • Thetford Academy
  • The Ray School
  • Kurn Hattin Homes
  • Fall Mountain Regional High School
  • Leland and Gray Union Middle and High School
  • Springfield Union High School
  • Randolph Union High School
  • Windsor Central Supervisory Union (six schools)

Fostering school change is a daunting challenge, and not one that can be surmounted in a year. One of our goals with working with schools is to build the professional capacity within the school so that, eventually, faculties work independently of UVGSE and continuously improve. It’s a bittersweet goodbye for us, but we leave knowing that teachers and leaders will welcome challenge and change in their journey towards improvement.   

Now scheduling 2019-2020 school-based partnerships. Contact our faculty to talk about your school’s path towards change and continuous improvement.